Development Paradigm

Generally, the organization subscribes to the ideals of green global policy towards ensuring a sound environmental management in the quest for sustainable development. By this orientation private interest as investors is integrated to plant tress, ensure environmental greenery and the creation of employment opportunities.

The Private Afforestation Developers Organization has specific values, ideals and codes of conduct that guide its operations so that all activities that PADO carries out are executed in an effective and efficient manner. These set of values, ideals and conducts bind all members and each single member has the duty to oblige to them. Also, the organization respects the collaboration and partnership from government, donor agencies and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in the discharge of its duties to ensure that the underlying aim of the formation of the association is fully achieved.

Values and Ideals

The following specific values and ideals shall underline and guide the organisation's governance process:

  • Dynamism is at the core centre of PADOs values.
  • A strong commitment to placing PADO at the apex of Ghana's afforestation investment sector and policy advocacy driven by the values of national interest, global standards, collective approach, quality performance and human resource development
  • An inspiring leadership and a demonstrated collective well-being-oriented attitude and recognition of all members of PADO irrespective of status, age, colour and religion.
  • Leadership and accountability underline this unique enterprise to invest and advocate on issues of forestry and development.

Products made from our major crops


Teak Dining Table Set


Teak Rubbish Bin


Teak Boat


Cedrela Cigar Box


Cedrela Oil Beard Balm


Mahogany Pool Table


Mahogany Balustrade

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